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Microservice Architecture

The microservice architecture enables the rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications. It also enables an organization to evolve its technology easy. 

Why Microservices?

Microservices is the logical response to the shortcomings of monolithic applications in a time of frequent functionality change and constant operational churn.

To understand the popularity of microservices, it’s important to understand monolithic applications. Any application will consist of a client side interface, a database for storing and handling data, and server side logic. A monolithic application is built as one single unit. In a monolithic application, server side logic is bundled together in the form of a monolith, with all the logic for handling requests running in a single process. All updates to this system will entail deploying a new version of the server side application. While there are, and have been thousands of successful monolithic-based applications in the market, development teams are starting to feel the brunt of such large scale deployment operations. For example, in a monolithic application, any small modification is tied to an entire change cycle, and these cycles are invariably tied to one another. Granular scaling of specific functions and modules is also not possible, as teams have to scale an entire application.  

Benefits of Microservices

  • Reliability -Microservices architecture is the obvious winner here. Breaking one microservice affects only one part and causes issues for the clients that use it, but no one else. If, for example, you’re building a banking app and the microservice responsible for prepaid airtime is down, this is definitely less serious than the whole app being forced to stop.
  • Reusable  - For scalability, microservices are again better suited. Monolith apps are hard to scale because, even if you run more workers, every worker will be on the single, whole project, an inefficient way of using resources. Worse, you may write your code in the way that would render it impossible to scale it horizontally, leaving only vertical scaling possible for your monolith app. With microservices, this is much easier. Resources can be used more carefully and allow you to scale only that parts that require more resources.
  • Faster defect isolation - When a test fails or service goes down, isolate it quickly with microservices.
  • Minimize risk to change - Avoid locking in technlogies or languages - change on the fly without risk.

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Roadmap to Microservices

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