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Industries we serve

Many industries are experiencing rapid change. We help our clients navigate these shifts and help them develop the capabilities they need to survive and thrive.



We pride ourselves by having developed  one of the best Ticketing Management System in the industry. We have vast experience in the Transit Management System as a whole, and our solutions can be applied in Trains, Airlines and logistics. 


The health industry has now began to adopt electronic medical records, and as results a lot of innovation (patient App, Doctors App) can be build around this solution. We provide the best record management solution in the industries. 


 It is often labour intensive to record, collect, aggregate and analyse all of the data in Agricultural fields. We provide Field Data Collection Terminals  to assist the industry collect data, and our back-end solution does the analysis on the data. 


The global security industry has been radically transformed by Technology. We develop Softwares in the this space to assist our customers improve their security capabilities. 

We are ready to assist

Your success will be determined by choosing the right people to partner with; we at Ngalava Information Technologies pride ourselves with the highest standards of delivery on our projects. Please drop us an email.


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