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Mobile Terminals

Collect, inspect and manage field data using Mobile device in real time. Take your field data collection and inspection to a new level. In today's digital age, field data collection has also followed the thread, we provide rugged devices and Software Application to support you.

Field data collection can be complicated process

A lot of resources can be required to conduct data collection, the project manager has to build well-defined strategy before hand. If this process are being done manually, the chances of inaccuracy is high.

How mobile data collection can help? 

With an end-to-end integrated solution of gathering data your able to eliminate errors which you would not be able on a manual system.

We provide...

Rugged Mobile Terminals

We provide  rugged Handheld Data Collection Devices with NFC/ 3G/ WiFi / Bluetooth/ RFID Card Reader / QR Code Scanner / Receipt Printer


We provide Customized Software to go with the terminal.



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